Applecross a Favourite Destination on the NC500

(Northcoast 500) and is a West Highland peninsula that’s set on the far west of Highland Scotland within the county of Wester Ross, this area has been a settlement for well over a thousand years and in Gaelic the area is called ” a Chomraich ” which means ” the Sanctuary ” and a visit to the far west of Applecross peninsula will convince you why it attained the name.

Applecross a Favourite Destination on the NC500

Applecross Peninsula

With a population of around 200 souls, the residents are keen to remind us that Applecross is a community and not a village, “the Street” as it’s called locally is set on the shores of the bay and comprises of a few residential homes dotted along the shoreline along with the Applecross Inn and a smashing Fish and Chip caravan that serves up freshly caught Haddock with chips and homemade Tartar Sauce

the street at Applecross
Applecross a Favourite Destination on the NC500 1

On “the Street” you can dine at one of the outside dining areas, whether it be from the Fish and Chip caravan or from the Applecross Inn. The view from these designated areas look to Isle of Skye with the incredible lofty peaks of the Cuillen mountain range looking as if they rise from the sea.

Reaching Applecross is a highlight on its own as you journey through untouched scenery that provide memorable views of wild, Wester Ross rugged countryside and amazing Island views.

Applecross peninsula scenery

This wild peninsula and awe-inspiring land in Wester Ross is well worth a visit, the location has an amazing atmosphere that makes you feel that you have gone back in time and that you are one of the few people left on the planet, mainly due to its inaccessibility nd remoteness.

Applecross a Favourite Destination on the NC500 2

To get to Applecross by road you have two options, take the wonderful coast road from Shielding, to the north on Loch Torridon, enroute you will enjoy stunning views throughout the journey. If you don’t have a feint heart and like an adventure head over the Bealach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle). The pass is a single lane road and is one of the highest in Britain, the summit reaches a lofty 2,053 ft, via Alpine hairpin bends, then the road descends down towards Applecross or its preferred name “The Street”.

For those with caravans, motor homes and a dislike to single track hairpin bends, bypass the Bealach na Ba and head towards Shielding, the scenery is also impressive, though the journey time a bit longer, assuming someone doesn’t get stuck on the Bealach na Ba and cause a traffic jam. This often happens with motor homes and carvans not being able to negotiate the bends and passing places.

The journey to Applecross is also part of the North Coast 500 Route, Scotlands mini “Route 66” which takes you on an incredible journey from the Highland capital of Inverness.

Surprisingly your journey to the wild and wonderful land of Applecross is only a few hours from Inverness where there is an Airport and Railway Station, alternately you can arrive by Fort William where there is a Railway Station.


From Inverness

Take the A9 – A835 – A832 – A890 – A896 until you reach Tornapress here you can turn left towards the Bealach na Ba or keep straight on towards Shielding.

From Fort William

Take the A82 – A87 – A890 – A896 until you reach Tornapress here you can turn left towards the Bealach na Ba or keep straight on towards Shielding.

Defining Applecross can be confusing as it is the name for the whole peninsula which has scattered communities and various crofting townships from the North to the South comprising of: Ardheslaig, Kenmore, Fearnabeag, Fearnamor, Cuaig, Lonbain, Applecross Bay & Shore St (The Street and entered on maps as Applecross), Milltown, Camusteil, Camusterrach, Culduie, Ard Dubh & Toscaig.