February 02, 2021

Cummingston a Hidden Gem on the Moray Coast

Cummingston is easy to miss as it hosts just over 80 houses and is mere one kilometre long, however, it has access to a remarkable part of the Moray coastline.

If you come off the B9040 (between Burghead and Hopeman) at Seaview Road, turn left and then right you will come to a small carpark at Colbach Bay play area.

Cummingston Cliffs and Burghead in the distance

The view from Colbach Bay looking west to Burghead.

Colbach Bay

The Moray Coastal Trail cuts past here using the old railway line and it is in pretty good condition making it a favourite with cyclist and walkers. There are also toilets (closed during the pandemic) and a bike repair station. Going down the pathway from the carpark to to Moray Coast Trail there is a stepped pathway that takes you down to Colach Bay.

The beach is mainly rocky with a small sandy bay and is the perfect beachcomber location. To the left is a large grassy knoll and from here on a clear day you can enjoy superb views over the Moray Firth to Cromarty.

Colbach Bay, Cummingston

Caves of Caussie

Is an area that’s where parts of the cliffs are designated a site of Special Scientific Interest, the sandstone cliffs and the Caves of Caussie are a feature of this small coastal village.

Rock climbers and nature lovers are often seen within the caves when the tide is out.

During the 17th century these caves were known to be used for smuggling, by either Scottish gypsies or Tinkers who were financed through merchants based in Elgin.

Caves of Caussie

The Cliffs

Rock climbers are often seen on the Stacks as it an ideal spot when the tide is out for them to practice and keep their hand in. If you require further information about rock climbing the stacks and the sea cliffs at Cummingston “the CRAG website” has a page dedicated to them. 

Cummingston Cliffs Rock Climber

The Stacks

The sign at Cummingston states “Ducks Dunes and Pre-Dinosaurs.

When reading the information it’s hard to believe that the area was once a desert 250 million years ago where Tusked Reptiles inhabited the area before the dinosaur age. Some of the dunes have turned to stone and can be seen in the overhanging cliffs next to the Roddoch Bow.

Roddoch Bow can be found on the grassy dell just past the children’s play-park nestled amidst the sandstone cliffs. Once a blowhole that was created by the pounding sea through erosion of the softer parts of the sandstone, these days the sea never reaches the Bow.

Eider ducks can often be seen bobbing over the waves, the frequent fly past of a cormorant along with the cries of Redshank and Curlew can often be heard and those with sharp eyesight may be fortunate enough to spot bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises. During the summer months minke whales are sometimes spotted and occasionally Orca.

To view the Stacks turn left on the Moray Coastal Trail go under the old railway bridge and you will come across them about 100 metres on the seaward side. To get access you can reach them from the grassy knoll at Colach Bay. Make sure you check the tide times as it comes in at an alarming rate and you will get stranded.

The Stacks at Cummingston
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By Allan

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