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Amazing beach, stunning bay setting together with often breathtaking sunsets

Findhorn provides and area of exceptional beauty that is host to a large variety of birds and a large seal colony.

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About Findhorn Photos

Findhorn provides amazing photographic opportunities within the village, a glorious bay that’s shelter to various yachts and boats where you can regularly watch seals gracefully play in the water and occassionally pop their heads up to watch you.

The beach area is where you will find pathways through sand dunes leading to a long beach. Predominately stoney when the tide is in, when the tide is out it’s amazing and never the same. There are long wide stretches of sand often with intricate patterns carved by the sea.

Another are of interest is Findhorn Bay Reserve where sea grass, washed up logs and a large variety of birds frequent give ample opportunity for those who enjoy and the wonders of nature.